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Re: Physical Theory of Aiki?

Interesting... the first thing that jumps out is that I only sort of followed your thoughts from ki being a word for oscillation to the practical application. The second, related, thought I had on reading the posts leading up to this is that it seems like such an abstract conception of ki that it seems almost allegorical. Maybe more like ki training would not be as much working with oscillation as working with the idea of oscillation (which I think you should call "wave-ness", because it's cuter and makes me think of the rowing exercise! )

I'm not sure I get the parallel being drawn between ki/oscillation and angular momentum back in the bit about the electromagnetic field, either, although I have found interesting your thoughts on angular momentum and the relative fulcrum in other posts [Was it you who talked about helicopters? I thought that was funny because I always think of ikkyo ura as auto-rotating to the ground ] I mean, I can follow you from angular momentum to angular velocity to moment of inertia, and I can start with an object at rest having a certain inertia given gravity and friction; but I'm hazy on the middle and how it works in terms of application. Again, I could see the idea of oscillation being used as a way to think about what you're training your body to do...

I am not an expert
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