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Re: What to do when someone engages you...

I have a strong rule to never backdown to a bully. In the original poster's situation I would of called his play and found out if he was bluffing. That said, I was bullied a lot in when I was younger and I learned that the very best way to stop a bully and sometimes get a friend is to knock him down.

Of course in that situation I would also be confident that my friend or friends would help. I'm really surprised a guy would bully 2 guys at once. In fact that would be the first thing I would probably point out to the aggressor.

However, my path is probably not the best path, and it has probably lead to unneeded trouble more often the I give it credit for. But I can tell you that I have never had to deal with the same person more then one after initiating this policy. Usually the confidence of one not only willing, but well prepared to fight is enough to back down even a confident bully.

Of course now that I carry a pistol most of the time I really need to rethink this tactic.

- Don
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