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Re: Effectiveness of Aikido in a combat situation

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Hey Marlon,

Here is a blog of mine where I address some of the issues I believe you are talking about.

I believe what you are talking about is budo, as opposed to bujutsu. Studying martial arts for the sake of self development, vs. study for practical fighting skill.

What I was saying in my first post, was Aikido as a budo; a way of self development, or "enlightenment" seems to be lacking. The reason I say this is because so many of us (I wouldn't exclude myself here) seem to be no more enlightened then the average Joe.
I'd add, military and LE have history as a training guide. Specific battles, shootouts, firefights, etc with plenty of debriefing to develope a much more effective training program.

Chris Hein wrote:
What we train when we study any martial art is Budo. We train not to be physically unstoppable, but spiritually undefeatable; Budo.

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