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It seems that one particular individual took a fancy to my wife and kept badgering her until she turned on him and elbowed him straight in the eye!!...... He spent the rest of that summer gasshuku trying to explain how he got the black eye!!


Quietly: "Stop asking, or I will hand Sensei the original of this letter." In the letter, you document the dates, times and frequency of the queries that you are refusing and the fact that your "no" isn't working, you're getting very tired of it, and you want the sensei to take some action to get this person to stop. If you don't do this, he'll continue. If the dojo won't do anything, offer (first the sensei, and then the offender) that you'll gladly send a copy of this letter to the man's wife if no action is taken, but really, you'd like to have all of this resolved without having to do anything drastic.

I like these two responses the best. You get to chose the order in which you try them.

My nature would probably lead me to the 1st.

Not mine, I don't think I would want to be charged with assault and battery. I am certainly not the type of person to give that type of irresponsible advice. Hey, thats just me, law abiding and all.

The advice I would give has already been posted, and it ain't at all about hitting some. If that happened it could make matter worse in this type of situation.

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