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Re: Effectiveness of Aikido in a combat situation

Imo, one must understand, realize and 'fess up' why they're taking MA. Is it for health? (Join a gym) well being? (self help group) self defense? (see below) Spiritual 'enlightenment' ? ( join a guru) Flexibility? ( take yoga) "Traditional Asian mystic"? (most common reason) They like the way they feel in a Gi? ( yeah, right {but most'd be surprised} Some unknown reason? (at least 10%). I have no problem with any of those, but IMO, what's important to me is to be realistic about why they are practicing MA (as opposed to some other venue). I suspect most'd say self defense, but realistically, with modern technology, true self defense is mace, a taser and a gun and there's plenty of folks to most effectively teach those skills. For self defense, I have and carry a CWP ( concealed weapons permit), mace, a taser and a gun, but I study/practice Aikido, to relax, find my center and my ki. Btw, the 'Asian tradition' thing is my least favorite thing about all this.

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