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Re: What to do when someone engages you...

Jeremy Morrison wrote: View Post
Where I come from we try to make friends before committing ourselves to enmity. It may sound naive, but I don't cross the street if someone's walking toward me - I smile and catch their eye and say "hi"......
Jeremy, I'm begging you to reconsider purposely staying on the same side of the street with the intent to make eye contact and say,"Hi." Of course, extenuating circumstances prevail, but as a rule, it's wise to be cautious. Ounce of prevention, pound of cure.

***disclaimer- following is not particularly pleasant, not for the weak of stomach***

Afa, my personal philosophy, I've been in too many armed confrontations( When I had the "knife fight", I's in the hospital for a month, nothing to eat, but chewing on ice, fighting bile infection( potentially fatal), with enemas every hour. Wanna know the definition of gross? Throwing up diarrhea- yep, apparently when your intestines get outside your body {at that moment I remember thinking, "Hmm, that looks like toothpaste out of a tube"} they shut down, yet your liver still produces bile, when it backs up into your stomach, 'Katie bar the door', it's coming up- Exorcist style) hopefully you won't have to.

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