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Re: Integration and Awareness!

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The future is not about separation, but rather integration with other styles of Jujutsu, fueling a natural progression of Aikido ....
It is? Based on what?

There seem to be as many takes on Aikido as there are people practicing it, and so the "natural progession" will be different for everbody. Sure, it might be "natural" do what Roy Dean did in a clip and go from kote gaeshi to juji gatame; anyone knowing those moves can do it. But is that a "natural progression" of Aikido or jut a personal foible?

.... Working with non-resistant opponents can lead to a false sense of security. This leads to disappointment when skills are needed most.
My Kali instructor keeps saying, "Any technique that saves your bacon is the best one in the universe." If someone who trains against non-resistance defends himself or herself in reality, who are we to say it'll never work? Cleary it did.

Should we as Aikidoka change our training methods, redefining Aikido practice as a whole? ......
Only if it accomplishes the same thing as the old practice, but if it doesn't, no. Every martial art has its strengths and weaknesses. The trick is to appreciate what it offers alreay, and work from there. Not as easy as slapping on some BJJ and adding sparring and calling it "Modern Aikido" -- not easy at all, in fact! -- but more rewarding in the end.

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