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Re: Integration and Awareness!

Kevin Leavitt wrote: View Post
No you cannot, but within every scenario there are some common elements that will come up in just about any fight that we can train. Fighting distance, weapons, no weapons.....okay.

Lets only look at the clinch since this is primarily what we are concerned with in an empty handed or close fight situation. What are the common elements in the clinch in every fight regardless of the other factors?

Okay, someone goes down on the ground. One is up, one is down. What is common and what can we study here?

Both are down, one is one, the other is on the bottom. What is the orientation of the two people? Side, Mount, Guard, On the Back.

Multiple Opponents? Well LOL that one gets tricky doesn't it? I tend to stick with one person for most of my training as, IMO, if you cannot control one, what makes you think you can control more?

Sort of like trying to eat an elephant, how to you do that? One piece at a time!

So, no we cannot train every conceivable scenario, but we can focus on those things that will come up in just about any fight working with different positions, timing, weapons involved.
Of course totally agree with you here....... Have been in nasty situations where I have been attacked by more than two...... the trick is to keep them at bay and for them to get into each others path of destruction, but not easy when you have innocent people, cars, sidewalks, waste bins, street seats, lamp posts, bollards, sign posts and every other conceivable thing that tends to get in your way or trips you up, where ya don't want ta be!! and you only have street lighting for visibility!..... Hairy and scary..... Tanbo comes in bloody handy!!
Nice and tidy in the dojo where the mat is nice and level and there are no obstructions except the four walls that constrain you and the the brethren that "attack" you......

Take Care Kevin


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