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Re: Resistance and realism

Don Magee wrote: View Post
My problem with the video you quotes is that after the initial throat strike the uke simply stops. This simply does not happen and makes everything after that first strike meaningless imho.
This is what I was thinking.

Kevin: Your CPR analogy is a very good example of what I was getting at earlier in this thread. I tend to use a similar analogy when teaching. A few seconds of reality can clear up years of accumulated delusion imho.

Overall, applied Aikido (as in self defence or resistance training) is an intuitive use of many mind/body principles that function to optimize the human self towards ending conflict in different ways. If one keeps thinking of "technique" as in particular waza that will "work in a fight" or "winning" then one is far away from the objective we seek in applying Aiki imho. In this way, competition can limit ones development, but competitive practice, done properly can develop the instant intuitive responses to resistance that are a part of applied Aiki. Ideally, if there is resistance there is no Aikido, but how does one learn the optimal ways of negating, going around or utilizing resistance without engaging it at some point in training?

All techniques that work (whether physical, mental or otherwise) are governed by certain base principles. These principles apply always, whether one is striking, throwing, locking, grappling, armed or unarmed. If one has found a way of integrating these principles into ones practice then proficiency can be achieved in cooperative practice, resistance practice, competition, scenario training and self defence since the same principles are applicable to each endeavour in different ways and at different levels.


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