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Re: Integration and Awareness!

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But isn't Randori ( and all of Aikido) simply folks running at you( mostly one at a time) with the intention of you throwing them? It's preplanned and they fully cooperate ( dang near throwing themselves). Imo, Randori should be called multiple fully cooperative ukes. On the street, multiple attackers means a real real bad situation.
I dunno. My nikyu test involved 4 attackers in jyuwaza. One was ikkyu, the rest were nidan or above, including one of my sensei. the attack was ryokatadori, the instruction from shihan was move, don't get caught. Needless to say, I was on the mats, under four guys, in a big hurry, all three tries.

Ikkyu test was only slightly better. 4 yudansha again, same instructions but I was told no hitting by the shihan. Once again, I was mushed, but I managed to stay upright and moving for a little longer.

Shodan test - four yudansha again. Again - ryokatadori (and then some relatively random shomen, yokomen, tsuki) - this time I was able to move a bit, keep turning, moving, and turning - well, for about 10 seconds, anyway.

Not really looking forward to nidan...
Ain't nobody ran at me one at a time, and ain't nobody let themselves get thrown. Each time it was all four, all at once, and each time it was MOVE FASTER.

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