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Re: The continued Evolution of Aikido

Philip Burgess wrote: View Post
Sure if you are taking it literally and without high degree of understanding. He is talking in poetic form. And with any poetic form there are levels of understand written it. I first thought like you, but after years of study in Aikido and other knowledge I came to realize the emphasis isn't on the literal. He is talking about right action. But that isn't all, also it is about strategy on many levels. Going beyond the impossible, or doing the impossible, it is determination to succeed where it doesn't seem you can. I hate to quote O'Sensei, but I think he said he learned Budo from his teacher who fought in many life and death situations, and was a fighter-violent, killing enemies. There then must be some credibility to what he is saying.

Really, we are way past the usefulness of this discussion.
Ok,so let me try and understand you.....
OK, stop the presses, Phil knows the intent of all of Osensei's words. We can stop wondering and guessing now. What a relief!
Poetic form? Funny, nothing rhymes (but I reckon Japanese poetry doesn't rhyme,right?)
Right action? So, poetically the right action is to, without an opening, "step in and cut", but not really?
Succeeding where you (seemingly) can't? Marines know all about that( too many campaigns to mention here), but they also know, still, there's a fine line between being smart and being stupid. Stupid gets you killed and even at the most basic level, attacking when there's no opening, will most probably get you killed.

Btw, I'll not argue the point that there's alot of credibility/meaning to what Osensei (even tho I may take issue with some of it) said, alas, I'm afraid you don't have a clue about it.

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