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Re: Chiba's Sensei's bokken kata

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Hello All,
I need clarity on Chiba Sensei's bokken kata. I came across and link ( describing the kata which coincides with kata on his video titled "Aikido Technical Guidelines" Has this kata changed?, if so where can I get the updated info or video footage.


Hey there,

looks like you're referring to Chiba sensei's 8 bokken suburi. I had a read through the link and it sounds like what we were taught. I've never seen Chiba sensei's Technical Guidelines video but I think everyone still uses that and his syllabus hasn't really changed so it's probably still the correct video. I think there are also other descriptions on the 8 suburi.

Another note, it says on the website that the purpose of the suburi is to demonstrate the 8 variations of shihonage. It's not just that. It applies to a lot of Chiba sensei's teachings. For example the first suburi could be applied to techniques that start with ushiro tenkan and the seventh to those with irimi soku. The eight is for most things that use irimi-tenkan movements, etc
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