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Re: Shodan

Thanks for the congrats. Here's a little summary from my blog on Sunday:

Yep, I tested and I passed. And I am really happy with my test. I don't
remember much of it, but I got to watch it on a video camera screen last
night on the train. Once the test started, it was just me and my (awesome)
uke and I wasn't aware of the hundreds of people watching. I was in some
sort of zone I hadn't been in before, LOL!

After the test, I realized that I had no idea who my ukes were for randori!
After I watched the video, I said, "Oh man, I forgot to look to see who my
ukes were!" Ha!

The waiting was the hardest part, Tom Petty was right about that, LOL. We
got down to the dojo neighborhood around 11:30, got a bite to eat at a cafe
across the steeet, then went up to NYA. The next two hours were dan only
classes, and shodan candidates weren't allowed on the mat due to the crowd.
So we just had to sit around for hours waiting to even train! Once I got on
the mat, I calmed down a lot. LOL, I was training with a sandan friend from
WS and I said that I was really calm. He said, "THIS is calm????" I said,
"Hey, it's calm for me, dude." And he said, "OK, you said 'dude' so you
must be calm." <grin>

I took Sugano Sensei's class (but got off toward the end to eat a bagel a
friend graciously brought for me, I was starving since I hadn't eaten much),
and I took Harvey's class. They were both fun, but honestly I don't
remember very much.

Then we had a break before tests. My sensei came over, reassured me, told
me to breathe, etc... I was pretty nervous now, but really, not too bad. I
was in a group of three when I tested. Right next to me was my dojomate, but I didn't even realize it. LOL! I was in the front by the kamiza
and the testing panel, which consisted of Sugano Sensei and Yamada Sensei.

After that, it's all kind of a blur, but slowly coming back to me. Or maybe
it's just because I watched the video! <grin>

After the tests were over (there were 43 tests), we went out to dinner at a
yummy Thai place. Then we went back to the dojo to the party for a little
while. I got a lot of congrats and hugs and a lot of people said I had an
excellent test. Oh, after the tests, Yamada Sensei said he was especially
impressed by the ladies' tests. Woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess I will actually receive my black belt tomorrow at my dojo (I did). And get
to wear my fancy pants.

I really feel good about my test. I was ready.

Back to training tomorrow night! (Had two nights of classes so far this week)

"Try not. Do...or do not. There is no try." - Master Yoda
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