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Ludwig Neveu wrote: View Post
If Mike Sigman, Dan Harden, Rob John, Toby Threadgill, George Ledyard or Ellis Amdur (and many others experienced and knowledgeable people within and outside aikido, of course) stopped sharing their findings because of the arrogance or the ignorance of some, this would be a terrible damage done to this community.

Some of us beginners follow closely what they offer, even if they are not very vocal, and are able to get past the occasional harsh judgements. After all, Morihei Ueshiba or Sokaku Takeda were not famous for being very diplomatic.

I don't want valuable exchange and information here in Aikiweb be replaced by "aikido is whatever you decide to do", "my sensei is more badass than yours" or other types of nonsense.
Thank you Ludwig, for making this point.


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