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Re: How to Say No

Janet Rosen wrote: View Post
of course, this brooklyn girl wouldn't phrase it so nicely herself :-)
This reminds me of an incident at one summer gasshuku....... My wife was in a morning randori session being taken by the National Coach of the British Aikido Association....... This was relayed by the National Coach to me......
It seems that one particular individual took a fancy to my wife and kept badgering her until she turned on him and elbowed him straight in the eye!!...... He spent the rest of that summer gasshuku trying to explain how he got the black eye!!
The N.C. Also a good friend and long time aquaintance said it was a brammer!!..... Whack !! and that was the end of that!!
Needless to say he never attended any more randori sessions!!.....
I asked the N.C. What he did and he said "Nothing.... I didn't need to!"

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