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Re: How to Say No

I love the suggestion of just staring. The power of dead silence is stunning. Resist the pressure to say anything. Just stare at him expressionless and then just walk away. After a couple of times he will feel like a damn fool and stop.
If he doesn't then I would suggest you tell your Sensei. Your Sensei can talk to him and have him stop or tell him to leave. If that does not fix it then I would find another Dojo.
Aikido training is no place to allow a Romeo to play his stupid childish games. It is the Sensei's responsibility to ensure a safe and caring environment for all his students even if he has to ask one to leave for not showing compassion for another student. That is not the kind of man I want in my Dojo.
Be careful, sexual harassment is a step toward physical assault and rape.


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