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Re: The most troubling question

Morgan Wible wrote: View Post
Not in the form of Aikido i study, we dont practice either; Yonkyo doesnt work on everyone(including a very flexible young woman at my dojo). So its basically just the 3 i listed with us, unless you include Kote-gaeishi.
And sayu nage is kinda like kokyu-nage, but with the back of your arm, versus the inside; does that make sense?(and its not my favorite, haha)
Marko Ilic wrote: View Post
It makes sense but some people refer to yonkyo as Sumi otoshi i dont know why. I think yonkyo can be resisted easily if you do yoga to strech your arms.
I don't know how it is performed in your dojo but it has nothing to do with flexability in mine, and we can get it to work on anyone. Also it is my understanding that sumiotoshi is specifically projecting the uke's balance to what we call the third leg; a certain spot on the floor relative to the uke's stance and yonkyo is a matter of control through the forearm in any direction you like.

Marko Ilic wrote: View Post
Are there techniques like Rokkyo,Shickyo,Hachkyo...
And how about Hijinage, Aikinage, Kote oroshi...

I have not heard of any of these except for aikinage which is a Daito ryu technique that has found a home in a few Aikido kokyunage.

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