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Re: How to Say No

Please be careful. Aikido Dojos aren't safe places for women, that's my experience. Don't trust too much in "Senseis" words.
The rule is: You have to train with everybody - which also means, everybody is allowed to touch you (Where I trained, it was even: you have to hug everybody to say Hello and on the mat after training). This creates an athmosphere of "love and harmony", which is really nice and comfortable - as long as nobody misunderstands the missing borders.
If a man is bothering you/ inviting you all the time, although you've clearly said "No", you would normally never allow him to touch you. But Aikido-practice takes away this normal and easy way of "defending" yourself through physical distance.
In a Dojo, where people have to expect "trouble" for talking on the mat, no matter why, you can be quite sure, that they care more for their facade then their (female) members.
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