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Re: How to Say No

Brunotex: Thank-you. This is exactly the type of response I'm looking for. And as many types of theme and variation as I can come up with so when the first one fails to work, I have others at my disposal.

Mark, Janet and others: Thank-you for you advice as well. I can see that you are trying to get me to see the problem differently, which I was entirely unprepared for. If I am a victim, I don't feel like one. I still think I have failed to describe the culture of this particular dojo well enough to convey that others are just not going to concern themselves in what is seen as *my* problem. And they will be annoyed at me trying involve them.

Voitakas: Thank-you also. No way I'm involving my husband or there will be charges pressed :-). I'm also unwilling to actually injure someone on or off the mat unless they are out to injure me. And I don't really want to let this guy run me off because I've never trained at a dojo with this many high ranking people and there are a lot of things I like about it. I'm not crazy about this "work it out" without bothering anyone else attitude, but I have figure out how to work within this framework if I am going to continue to train at this dojo. So, I'm back to my original request, theme and variation on how to say no until this guy finally gets it.

Thanks everyone
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