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How to Say No


I need to increase my repertoire of ways to say "no" to unwanted advances on the mat. The usual ways aren't working with one individual, who seems to think if he asks often enough, I'll cave. I'm happily married, but even if I weren't, I can safely say I'd have no interest in going out with this individual. He is married as well. We are about the same rank. I have gone as far as asking him to quit asking, which he agreed to do, but the next class he was back at it again. I haven't told anyone at the dojo about this and I don't think anyone has noticed. It's not the type of dojo where the sensei, the dojocho or the senior students would get involved on my behalf. I would rather this not be blown up into some big really ugly divisive issue, but it's getting really difficult to focus on training when I'm constantly dodging this guy.

So does anyone have any really good ways to say "no" that might stick?

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