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Re: Ki, Chi, and "Energy"

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OK, so, let me make sure I'm undersatnding what's meant So , first he's saying Ki is God and God initiates our mood, decisions and actions, but negative Ki (i.e., a negative God or Satan?) exists, but can be purified.
In Genesis, to be exact, when God created the universe, the Ruah or Breath of God moved as the First Cause. That is very plainly related to the concept of Ki. God in his Person, in both Jewish and Christian understanding is beyond cause or no-cause.

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Sorry, I just can't buy into that. So, Ki gave his only begotten Son, so that whosoever shall believe in Him shall have everlasting life? Nope, that just doesn't work for me, besides brain synapsis and electrical impulses are what intiates mood, decisions and action.
Well: O Sensei said this:
"Kirisuto ga ‘hajime ni kotoba ariki' to itta sono kotodama ga SU de arimasu. Sore ga kotodama no hajimari de aru." (‘In the beginning was the Word', spoken by Christ is this kotodama SU. This is the origin of kotodama.)
This quote is taken from the Takemusu Aiki lectures and the Japanese is given by Prof. Goldsbury. Kotodama (lit.= "Word-spirit") is, plain as day, related to the Divine Logos, which has the deepest possible roots into Western Theology. Moreover, O Sensei even takes pains in way so as not to identify the kotodama SU directly with the Divine Logos but as proceeding from Him. You may take it how you wish, but that is what he said and the distinction that he made. .

Kotodama is the vocalization (intentionality) of kokyu, which arises from the cycle of Ki.

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That's what I said in my first post (using different words) and I believe we can channel that energy thru our bodies.
You already are, just not terribly well, yet.

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