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Dan Hover
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Magma wrote:
No, the dojo-cho is very good, but he is only there for one class (he relies on the other yudansha & near-yudansha to teach the other classes).

Of course, there is the catch-22 that when he is there, the Empty Shell isn't in charge anymore. And when he isn't there, he can't see.

I have not brought it up to the dojo-cho for three reasons. (1), that my first thought is, "how am I doing? Do I still have room for growth? Why do I think that I could do it any better?" which turns into more fuel for self-improvement. It's the "I don't want to fall into that trap" kind of motivation. (2) I wonder if it is a self-confidence issue for the ESh, which will be fundamentally impossible to change. (3) I am the kohai in the relationship (by one rank). Who am I to go to the sensei, especially when the sensei seems to love this person's attitude when he is there? (Reread the catch-22 para above to understand my frustrations with that).

Has anyone else been here? What have you done?

Yikes, that's sticky, what is that, cactus? Yes you could always look at ESh as an opportunity for your own growth, on having to deal with people like them, remember part of aiki theory is to be flexible oursleves to deal with people like that. Instead of trying to change them which you admit would be quite difficult if not impossible. Deal with how YOU deal with people like that, this of course is the hard right, but in the big picture it is for the better. Or take the easy left and not go to classes that they teach.

Dan Hover

of course that's my opinion, I could be wrong
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