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Originally posted by akiy
It's an interesting idea, one that probably wouldn't be very difficult to implement. I do wonder, though, about the overhead that would be necessary for parsing each and every document and creating the tags necessary. Also, I wonder how much larger each page would become, thereby increasing the load-time for the pages.
The overhead would obviously depend of the extend of the dictionary, but in my experience, it shouldn't be much of a delay. A properly indexed table with a few hundred records is quicly searched. However it could be made possible to toggle/untoggle the feature for each user.

The increased size of the page would also be insignificant with regards to load-time, unless of course you wish to include the complete Webster's definition of each word...

The task that would really scare me if I were to implement this would be to come up with definitions that wouldn't p... somebody off


In any case, thank you for your suggestion! I'll put it on my list of new features to think about (which is actually pretty long at this point!) for this site.
Your'e welcome and thank's again for a great site.

- Jørgen Jakob Friis

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