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No, the dojo-cho is very good, but he is only there for one class (he relies on the other yudansha & near-yudansha to teach the other classes).

Of course, there is the catch-22 that when he is there, the Empty Shell isn't in charge anymore. And when he isn't there, he can't see.

I have not brought it up to the dojo-cho for three reasons. (1), that my first thought is, "how am I doing? Do I still have room for growth? Why do I think that I could do it any better?" which turns into more fuel for self-improvement. It's the "I don't want to fall into that trap" kind of motivation. (2) I wonder if it is a self-confidence issue for the ESh, which will be fundamentally impossible to change. (3) I am the kohai in the relationship (by one rank). Who am I to go to the sensei, especially when the sensei seems to love this person's attitude when he is there? (Reread the catch-22 para above to understand my frustrations with that).

Has anyone else been here? What have you done?

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