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Diane Stevenson
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Re: Kote gaeshi: method of application

Last Tuesday we spent most of class working the minutae of kote gaeshi, slowly slowly slowly. No momentum, so no opportunity to gloss over holes in technique.

What I found was, as usual, it wasn't a case of gaining compliance thru pain, but using conjective locking to take uke's center. There's a point, if you have taken the slack out of uke's wrist, and you've got control of the forearm, that uke's elbow has to kink out, his shoulder drops , and his center HAS to move such that he is no longer strong and balanced. Then you just put him where you want him.

Sure, if he gives you lots of momentum to work with, it flows beautifully into a breakfal. Or with little momentum, you can drop him straight down WITH THE SAME AMOUNT OF CONTROL.

IMHO gaining compliance thru pain is the same as muscling thru a technique: it's not the Aikido I train to achieve, and if I rely on it, it will fail me if I ever need to use my art in a RL defense situation.

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