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Re: 5th kyu test advice for a begginer

Steven Tame wrote: View Post
I'm going to be taking a test for 5th kyu soon and was looking for some advice on the kinds of mistakes they will look for and how strict the examiners are.

I'm asking because the only kind of martial arts testing I did was a long time ago and was only "kata" based Karate.

If this helps these are the 4 things I need for my test

Katatedori Shiho nage OMOTE/URA

Shomen uchi Irimi nage

Shomen uchi Ikkyo OMOTE/URA


Thanks in advance
Whoa! What organization are you in? We have to do:
1. Shomenuchi Ikkyo
2. Shomenuchi Iriminage
3. Katatetori Shihonage
4. Ryotetori Tenchinage
5. Tsuki Kotegaeshi
6. Ushiro Tekubitori Kotegaeshi
7. Morotetori Kokyuho

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