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Re: The continued Evolution of Aikido

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So, you're saying for Aikido to remain 'pure' (whatever that means), Aikido should revert back to students sitting outside the Sensei's Dojo for weeks, waiting for the Sensei to invite them in, then engage in servitude for years ?
Nope, I mean changing the japanese cultural trappings for american ones will only affect the external aspects of the art, not the art itself. Evolution needs to happen in the core (like in living things at DNA level) not in the surface

I dont't know about all that "hippy" stuff, but I believe I can embrace Budo and show my respect to the Founder in my own American way and go on about my training. I do want to compete, to see if my technique is viable or not and improve it.
The European way is acceptable, isn't it?

And about competition/sparring... no big deal (well, only for some), there is a lot of aikido clubs with competitive sparring and some where hard spontaneous exchange of techniques is not unusual. I don't see this as evolution, only different training methods, but still the same art.

???Judo went mainstream and became an Olympic event.
Then judo's ground grappling got stagnated, striking ended in kata only practise and the Seiryoku Zenyo-Jita Kyoei is mostly forgotten.

You're telling me UFC/MMA has gotten worse? Obviously you didn't follow the UFC from the beginning, which started out with black belts in various Karates and boxers and Judo got in the mix.
Sorry, I remember the other UFC, the almost no rules, no time limits, barecknuckle fights. The one where Royce owned everybody.

Today is a heavily regulated sport, way safer and friendly for the practitioner.

Imo, if Aikido is not a MA, it shouldn't be called one. If it is, then it should go ahead and be one.
Well, imho aikido is a MA. However it has evolved in some (for some a lot, for others not) places, due the 60's - 70's social environment, and became a different thing.

I noticed later:
Imo, for example, to intercept an attack with an attack, instead acting in defense would be an improvement.
Then find an aikido club where techniques are trained in the "old school" form not in the american post-hippy kumbaya singing "evolved" form.

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