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Re: The continued Evolution of Aikido

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Sure, I'll give it shot.

It would mean continuing to train with an observation that big nature is of greater power than my little self. In my case that gives rise to perspectives that are a lot more native than colonial; which is revolutionary to my experience and to my take on the art.
One more thought. In a time of great pressure to 'make aikido better' and a time when ego's in aikido have gone off the scale, it is revolutionary,in my experience ,to continue in the simple training of self-correction, rather than pushing to evolve, change, better, or adding 'better techniques' to aikido. Although those things may occur of their own accord through shugyo.
It might be easy to assume, at this point, that I am against any innovations in the art. But I am of the belief that innovations arise naturally( takemusu) and that the way we communicate our art, the way we handle our dojo's, and the way we en-culturate in aikido needs to come from our own selves, whatever nation,tribe,nationality that might be. My dojo is hardly traditional japanese.But I'm not Japanese and could never hope to be in this lifetime. To wish to be so would be a sin of sorts. Because I'd be negating that which nature intended for me. Which is for Jen to be Jen. And Jen is from California. In case you can't tell.

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