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Dear Carsten, you can't be wrong, because this complex subject has no simple right or wrong :-)

About the biblical spirit, ruach, a lot can be said (and has been said, through more than 2000 years). For example:

In the Bible, there's not just one singular ruach definition. The book spans many centuries and many different sources.

Ruach being of God only can be interpreted as the life spirit being of divine nature, existing already at the creation of the world. This is actually a similarity to qi and ki ideas.
Ruach is something of God, but so is everything of his creation. The breath of God is what brings life to the world, much like qi or ki is an ever-present life energy.

You might not be able to direct ruach, but in the New Testament the apostles are filled with it (pneuma) in order to accomplish miracles and to speak the words of God. So, they are given it in order to be able to use it.

About Genesis 2:7, the term used is not ruach, but the "breath of life" is probably to be regarded as a synonym for it.

Me too, I might be wrong...

Stefan Stenudd
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