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Re: Ki, Chi, and "Energy"

Janet Rosen wrote: View Post
I was exposed to the idea of "chi" earlier in life and coming to aikido never felt there was any difference between the "ki" I try to work with in aikido and the "chi" I try to work with when moving energy/changing blood flow patterns to relieve my migraine or when receiving acupuncture.
I think I know, what you mean. I'm doing shiatsu a little bit.
But in my experience it's not the same. In Aikido I use other facets of ki.

May I ask you which stile of Aikido you practice?

@ Mike:
In the "chinese understanding of ki", there are distinguished so many different types of ki, eachone having a name of its own.
I never experienced or read that concerning the "japanese understanding". Am I wrong?

How do you distinguish ki and kokyu e.g. when you breaht in through your feet and out through your eyes? What is ki, what is kokyu?

Are the aspects motivation, intention, mood, feelings also part of the "chinese understanding of qi"? I mean are they qi or follow they qi?

@ Harm-ony:
I don't think it's about input or output.
I think it's all about the flow of ki. We don't "generate" ki, but we can let it flow freely - or not.
In Ki-Aikido they have special Ki-exercises. We don't have them because we regard waza as such.
We only have kokyu exercises.

Maybe I misunderstood your question?

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