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Paul Clark
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Of all the wonderful aspects of Aikido (blending, redirecting, softness, circles, extension, rootedness, creative aspects, ect.) could someone please tell me why of all things, Atemi recieves so much attention from the net community
I have no idea, other than that

1) as above, O'Sensei focused on it quite clearly and can, according to many, be seen in an awful lot of his photos delivering a "physical" atemi;


2)that aikido is budo, as O'Sensei seems to have believed, at least if he chose the title for his own book;


2)there seems to be a significant number of practioners who choose to believe that what O'Sensei said and did relative to atemi is not what he actually meant?

Like you, I don't understand why it needs so much discussion, but we come to that incredulity from different directions.

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