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Mark Stokmans
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Re: Mistakes that taught you a lesson for life!

My not so humble opinion. I am sorry if I did not shouw enough humility towards Graham or yourself. Perhaps it is because english is not my first language that the way I express myself is somewhat lacking.

Now, in reading that, do you assume that I am wise or that I am a wise ass?
I am not sure what the relevancy is of that question. You are trying to get me to respond in some way to get a point you are trying to make across I would guess. Perhaps I could ask you why you assume I would assume either. Perhaps it is a projection of your ego.

But you posed a question and I'll try to answer. I do not know the intent of your question, which to me is more relevant than the question itself. Given the fact that I do not know that intent I would venture to say you are neither.

I was only giving my opinion, I am not sure what humility has to do with it. In this case I would say honesty is more important than humility. Or would you like me to be humble and just not give an honest opinion? I try to do both. If I appear arrogant or aloof, please forgive me. It is not my intent.

Of course, I do not know the teachers mind, nor Grahams. But that isn't the point. I believe the point is to reach beyond appearances and find what drives people. I am less interested in their behaviour than the reason of it. To me intent is more important than consequence. Consequence is nothing more than effect. If we behave a certain way to get a certain effect than you lose touch with what is actually important.

Back on-topic: life changing lessons. I was practising Aikiken once with my teacher. I was making shomen strikes he was stepping aside and making a strike towards my head. All went well, but the energy level went up. Till at a certain moment my attack was very strong, fast and deep. He responded very quickly and struk me with the bokken onthe side of my head/face. As a consequence I had 9 stitches in my eyebrow. I am still not sure what it taught me, but I took aikiken a lot more seriously after that.

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