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Mark Stokmans
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Re: Mistakes that taught you a lesson for life!

I showed disrespct to him, i openly admit showing disrespect to him, in order for me to better myself i took his 'constructive criticism' and learned from it. Nowadays it's not a half assed bow, it's a proper bow from seiza whilst thanking loudly and clearly in japanese.
You showed him disrespect; but did you have that respect. Did you know how to show in the proper form. Etiquette is only about proper form. It is not about real emotions or real feeling. And with all forms, this form is about technique, and it must be taught. Perhaps your teacher should wonder why you did not know, or know how to show the proper form.

Respect on the other hand, cannot be taught. It is something that is there or is not there.

To me having respect is more important than how I show it. Now before people start thinking etiquette is not practiced in our dojo, it is. I advocate etiquette as well. But I do not confuse etiquette with respect. To me it is always about the intention of the person.

The fact that you support your teacher in this thread, your loyalty to him and that you have been able to learn from him shows that respect more than how deep you bow to him or anybody, IMHO.

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