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Re: Mistakes that taught you a lesson for life!

While I am sure I've breached etiquette in this fashion many times (well worded reply Joe McPharland ) the story that came to mind after reading the thread starter was something that Suganuma Sensei relayed to us during his most recent seminar in Vancouver, Canada. He was explaining that teaching on the mat, when you're not the instructor, is poor etiquette and went on with this (paraphrased) anecdote: A new shodan of his went to Hombu dojo in Tokyo to train. She was, unbeknownst to her, training with Moriteru Sensei (Waka sensei at the time) and explaining to him how he was doing the technique incorrectly. He thanked her for her correction and asked her who her sensei was.....needless to say Suganuma Sensei heard about this breach of etiquette and was very embarressed. I'm not sure if this particular student ever twigged to her breach or if she continues on blithely unaware. As an aside, Sensei's recounting of this story displayed his sense of humour and humility.
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