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Re: New to aikido: 2 questions; ki aikido and manhattan dojos

Julian Mendez wrote: View Post

Also can any one enlighten me up to the ki Aikido style. Personally i find that i don't like it as much as the other styles of Aikido. I watched a few randori's in the Ki style and it wasn't as appealing to me as other things i have seen. Can any one explain to me the big difference ( i don't know much so your going to have to explain as if i was a child).

Thanks in advanced for any help and keep up the great posts in general!
I agree with you that I've seen some piss poor representations (in my not-so humble opinion) of Ki Society Aikido on youtube. It may behoove you to go watch a class at a local Ki Aikido dojo, but that experience will give you only a limited perspective of what Ki Aikido is. Like any style or martial art, there are some really good schools out there, probably a lot more poor schools though. FWIW I found this video the other day, and I think it's pretty good. But I will admit, I'm extremely biased towards Sensei!

If you have specific questions there are many on this site more qualified than me to answer them.

Best of luck to you!
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