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New to aikido: 2 questions; ki aikido and manhattan dojos

Hello all iam new to aikido and ive been looking around the site for some time grabbing up all the great info floating around this site. that said i got a few questions about some of the Manhattan Dojos. Does any one have any opinions about the ones not on the Dojo search function such as Ko Ku Shi Budo Institute or any of the others. Also feel free to share any thing about any of the Dojos that are listed! I intend on visiting as many as i can this weekend (unless i fall in love with one) and im just bored and trying to learn as much as possible.

Also can any one enlighten me up to the ki Aikido style. Personally i find that i don't like it as much as the other styles of Aikido. I watched a few randori's in the Ki style and it wasn't as appealing to me as other things i have seen. Can any one explain to me the big difference ( i don't know much so your going to have to explain as if i was a child).

Thanks in advanced for any help and keep up the great posts in general!
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