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Re: Defining Kokyu

Clarence Couch wrote: View Post
Ko has 10 different meanings, ki has 5. Most words in this language and most other languages (including English) have words that mean different things, so then it becomes the burden to extrapolate the context from surrounding words and the general tone of the conversation. This is why I find it interesting for someone to adhere to a single meaning of a foreign word. Luckily, in English, we have words to express exactly what we mean.
The Kojien, which is pretty much the standard for Japanese dictionaries, lists 4 meanings for "kokyu". None of which are "tapped into the powers of the universe".

Now, it's common in Japanese to make points through diagnosis of individual kanji or through idiomatic usage, the problems start occurring when people think that kind of word play constitutes an actual definition. Otherwise I'm going to argue that "martial" artists actually worship an ancient Roman diety .



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