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Cool Assassin point

Originally posted by PeterR
Hey Larry great to hear from you.

I think it is a given that over time this is a no no but what I really want to know is what is the chance of causing serious injury by using this technique to actually subdue someone.

It really does seem a bit dicey to me.
Hi Peter,

Hope training in Nihon is going well.

Well from the info I have on this particular point, it appears to be a favourite for assassins who like hatchet and stilletto work.

If applied with enough force it will cause a concussion that will probably mess up the person's lower body coordination for an extended period of time if not permanently.

My preference in that body position would be to take the person down with an ushiro ate (using the forehead for leverage) and apply one finger pressure to the same point on the back of the skull while bringing them down, thereby immobilising their head. I would then keep my finger on the same point to pin after turning them over, face down. (How I wish I could illustrate this.)

Minimal impact, no concussion but still pretty painful and will immobilise if done properly.

Hope this helps.


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