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This case is not different. The poster saw sexually inappropriate behavior but did nothing to stop it. He did not stand up and speak out. I guess that would have made him 'unbecoming,' what a shame that would be.
Since you choose not to read any of the follow on threads you probably missed the point where I did not physically train or witness these actions but heard about them through my friend since I am currently away from the dojo.
Another good reason to read a whole thread before you throw your two cents in.

We cannot improve our society when we more concerned with being unbecoming than we are about being morally right. For those that do not get it at this point, you probably never will.

Mark (unbecoming) J.
....I'm so right and everyone else is wrong blah blah

Mark you clearly have some issues. Feel like relating the personal experience with this issue that's obviously burning you up inside?

It might be relevant to the discussion.