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Re: oops

Gee so much for taking you seriously.

Originally posted by davoravo
oops, can't count.
Each time I think about this I come up with a new category.
Actually I have a question that maybe you or someone else could answer. One of the tanto dori kata I am practicing at the moment basically involves an irimi-like taisabaki to uke's rear followed up by a sharp strike to the back of the head.

In the kata you are supposed to get close enough to tickle the hairs at the back of the head but once I misjudged and hit and once someone else misjudged and hit me. In the latter case I went down fast but was not knocked unconcious. Same with the reversed role. These were both not full force blows and I have never had the guts to ask Shihan how dangerous the technique really is (this would have to be done in Japanese).

In other words - what is the chance of causing serious long-lasting damage when employing this technique.

I have no problem rendering someone unconcious but, legal difficulties aside, would rather that person eventually walk away.

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