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Re: Another harassment question

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Ron, do you agree with Tom28 or not? My post was in the context of the thread, it was a counter- showing reverse sexism - by using the language and stuff that was already being assumed about the sensei and his behavior. It was a device to show how offensive assuming someone as a male sexist and objectifying a women can be to men, just as it is to women. Many people, like yourself, jumped to the conclusion accusing that the sensei was a sexist male chauvinist pig. I didn't think so and found that wrong and just as offensive. So, I just took that feminism attack on the sensei and the feminism argument (beside showing it didn't apply to the situation) and put a mirror to it. I was attacking the agruement and the conditions. Not anyone individual.

My point was to put the sexist shoe on the other foot, accusations of sexism on are just as unfair ,harsh and insulting toward men as women. Shooting from the hip with sexist etc. accusations and stereotyping men are just as offensive, and is something that is done way too often, frequently without any regard, and at a moments convenience when it comes to me. It was unfair and wrong to witch hunt the sensei condemning him as a sexist pig objectifying women, when the whole situation was nothing more then a dating game if you like.

Ron, would you feel the same way about what I said if I was a women who said it? Double standand?

Maybe I don't understand Mark's point and he was getting at what I said, and I took it wrong. If that is the case, I apologize.

And it is not my intention to be intentionally treat someone rude personally, treating them disrespectful by name calling and related accusations.

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