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Re: Another harassment question

Wow I just read your post and what a load of garbage. Were you drinking when you posted that?

I've already touched on the foolishness of chiming into a debate without reading the previous contributes first. Foolish and disrespectful.
Mark Jakabcsin wrote: View Post
Stop being a coward and talk to the teacher. You OWE it to him AND to the women YOU have brought to the class.

Just incase you cannot see how you are a coward read your post above. YOU are PRESSURING HER to take action.
I'm a coward for pressuring her to take action?
Well I guess I'm guilty of being a coward Mark
She was hoping it would just go away. Every work in a place that HAS had sexual harassment present Mark? I have a feeling you haven't.
Young women will often just hope something goes away. While it's the mans fault THEY feel embaressed and feel like it's in some way shape or form their fault.
If I pressured her it is because I felt she should both stand up for herself AND being told his advances were out of place by her would send a more clear message.

Get real and grow a pair
Once again only men are expected to stand up to themselves?
Do women who stand up for themselves do so because they grew a pair? Or are women generally the weaker gender?

At a minimum you should stop bringing potential victims to this class, otherwise you are an enabler and cohort. While that might sound harsh, it is based on the history YOU outlined.
So me inviting a female to train in an Aikido dojo is basically me inviting them to be harassed?
Sorry he is in the wrong, not her. It may be his dojo but the dojo is a registered dojo, I would expect certain rules coincide with being official.

I haven't read the entire thread nor do I intend to waste my time doing so
The only waste of time in this entire thread has been your drive by commentary. I suppose you're better than everyone else here since our input and opinion's seem to be below you.

Of course my actions would be just as bad to you as sexual harassment..... you're post was a piece of work Mark. I think you have some serious issues to sort out, good luck with that.