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Mark Jakabcsin
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Re: Another harassment question

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I keep pressuring my friend to confront him but she keep coming up with excuses not to. I know she's becoming upset about it but she seems to think that she can just avoid it and it will stop or she's convinced that one of these days she's going to confront him.
Sorry I have not read the entire thread, hence you have hopefully received this advice already.

Stop being a coward and talk to the teacher. You OWE it to him AND to the women YOU have brought to the class.

Just incase you cannot see how you are a coward read your post above. YOU are PRESSURING HER to take action. Get real and grow a pair. She is there because of YOU. At a minimum you should stop bringing potential victims to this class, otherwise you are an enabler and cohort. While that might sound harsh, it is based on the history YOU outlined.

Take responsibilty for your actions.....if you haven't already (I haven't read the entire thread nor do I intend to waste my time doing so). Be a man. Heck be a good HUman.

Mark J.

PS. Sorry for the strong respone but the posters lack of action and shift of accountability disturbs me as much as the teachers.