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Mark Stokmans
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Re: Slight Ukemi problem

Few thoughts that come into mind:
1. Your left side is obviously the weaker. Try to learnfrom your strong side. Try to anaylse what you are doing correct on the right side and copy that.
2. A forward breakfall IMHO is nothing more than normal mae-ukemi but then without the arm/shoulder touching the ground. For people with problems with breakfall I often advize them to just role. Trying to do a breakfall often leads to jumping action which doesn't help.
3. Tuck in your head, chin to your chest.
4. Breakfalls from Jyujinage s*ck. Your arms are both held by tori, they are knotted together, your shoulders more often than not are pressed together. Ask Tori to give you space to learn the breakfall.

Good luck: And don't forget your sensei might have a good idea.


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