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The thin slice comment was in direct response to your constant referals to what Aikido isn't. Sorry but I will say it again - you need to see a lot more Aikido before you can start making that sort of generalization.

Cross-training - I do it by choice, circumstance and at this moment under strong suggestion by certain of my teachers. The key for me is to refer what I learn back to my chosen art and therefore it has never been a waste of my time. Besides I always meet good people who like beer.

When I see higher dan ranks teaching many of the basic techniques I have found in other types of practice and modifying them to become Aikido techniques, guess what? I tend to speak up.

Maybe just maybe - they were part of Aikido all along. Aikido is a form of jujutsu and you will see many similar techniques. For us it is quite common to learn of several Koryu that have a particular technique.

I see reasons for defense, for movements, for offensive movements in practice, and reasons for distractions or pain before executing techniques.

Ummm - once again. Aikido doesn't have this??????

allows me to look from a mountain top rather than from a rooftop

Now Bruce this says it all. You are right I am far from the mountain top.

I do believe too many of you are blinded by your goal oriented rise in the dan ranks of Aikido to actually take a look at the big wide world.

It's been years since I've asked to grade. I've lived and worked all over the world, seen and done things that most people would not believe. In the process been exposed to a whole range of MA. One of the reasons I moved back to Japan is for the training - the best I've ever experienced. My goal is the mountain top but when I see 40+ year veterans of the journey still applying themselves I know the point is the journey not the goal even if I could see it.

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