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Re: Things To Tell A New Aikido Student

113. Respect the dojo.

114. Respect the Sensei like any other teacher in a school, or leader. There is no special moral,ethical or wisdom training in Aikido to be a sensei. Sensei's shouldn't be put on pedestals. They have a responsibility to the students to be professional and respectful, etc. But not all are.

115. If you feel you are being treated poorly or purposely injured or do something you are uncomfortable doing, or a bad gut feeling about the sensei, no matter what rank or title, or popularity, or the dojo or the members, don't go back stay away and keep yourself safe. Find another dojo. This is probably the most often given advice here for many issues presented. ( besides not coming back and this goes without saying that if your are a victim of a crime or a tempted crime committed inside or outside the dojo by the sensei or the members, you should immediately contact the police like in any criminal situation. There is no psychological, moral or ethical screening,or background check, or special professional training in these areas in Aikido to become a sensei or join a dojo, also anyone can open a fraudulent dojo, calling it Aikido ).

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