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Re: Another harassment question

Mary, your right. I am assuming they are pick up lines. I really can't say that, I am judging the meaning of the words out of context. I wasn't there to here the words come out the of the sensei's mouth in a complete accurate context, no was I there to see the women's reaction. Or who the women is or the sensei. The words are given to us by Tom28.

I know in some places with some people of contemporary culture in the US that would be an ineffective female pickup line. If it were to be effective on such females, it would have to be much more sexually explicit and up front. Which by some people's standards would be very offensive and insulting and sexually harassing.

But not all people today have the same standards of what is sexually acceptable and what isn't in the US in society (of course there are standards now in the work place). Just as the sexual revolution of the 60's changed how we look at the interaction between men and women (sexual freedoms, both in words, and actions, i.e. in the way men and women approach each other verbally and physically, terms like free love, orgies in public, sex before marriage, multiple partners, etc.) offended a whole older generation of people in the same way. What you quoted that was said by the sensei, to some women would not be sexual enough to pique their interest. Others, may laugh it off, others may be offended. Others may not care. We are talking about the current times.

I don't know. I wasn't there, I didn't hear it in context, or was there to see the women's reaction, or her personality, or age. I don't know if this was all said in one breath or at different times in different places in different conversations. Honestly, by today's standards of offensive language, its mild. I hear worse every day in music, and in the clubs. If the women is offended she has the right to tell him off, walk out, or any other legal reaction she chooses.

Again this is Tom28's concern, how he seen things, and how it bothered him.

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