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Re: Another harassment question

You are right, we are a sue happy country. Despite that the women should sue, but suing someone takes lots of time, money and effort over something that might fall under tort battery? Do you really think he would lose his dojo over some pick-up lines that might be or possibly be seen as a tort sexual battery case? Battery isn't a grave offense. I don't see a court awarding great amount of damages in favor of the women over this. Wouldn't it be easier just to leave and go somewhere else if it was an issue?

Tom28 is disturbed by how he sees the situation of the sensei's approach to his female friend and other women who enter the dojo. He may see it as a sexist thing that was said, but the women is still going to the dojo. Maybe she isn't insulted by the Sensei and treats it like a joke. I don't know. But she still or still continued with the dojo past the first occurence, and I say good for her. A strong contemporary women who isn't threatened or intimidated by pick-up lines Tom28 found offensive.