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Re: close call???

Don Magee wrote: View Post
Ahh here is where we had our communication lines crossed. I was talking about chokes, you are talking about side headlocks. Yea, no reasonable trained attacker will do a side headlock. It's a pointless and vulnerable position. I was talking about either a choke from head on (the guillotine choke). In that position, while you have full access to the groin it doesn't do you any good because in a second or two it's all over for you anways.
Well Don he was using my head as a punch ball so it takes willpower not to go down as most would from this type of scenario.... but then again my head is used to punishment from my boxing days which sadly are over for me at 55 yrs..... think he was quite shocked that an older feller dumped him so easily on his butt........ as his buddy did a runner!!! Thought I was easy pickings you see......

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