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Re: Re: Re: (back to koshinage)

Victor, I did go back and read your posts (I was worried that I had confused what you said with someone else), and this was what I found.
Victor wrote:
I'll always perform a softer technique when I'm practicing with women.
So change from the adjectives of "soft" and "hard" to the comparitives of "softer" and "harder." Do you go softer on a woman than the harder techniques you'd use on a man simply because she is a woman?

At the risk of becoming inflammatory, let me draw a comparison.
Victor wrote:
I have no idea why do the women hate soft techniques
Segregated America of the 1960's said:
We have no idea why the blacks hate having their own drinking fountain
It's not that you're going too softly. It's that you're going softer on them... And softer or harder simply because of gender I would argue is wrong.

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